The Beer

Blonde Ale

Crisp and balanced beer with a light body and a hint of rye.
ABV: 4.8 | SRM: 4.7 | IBU: 26 

My Little Pale

A malty and hoppy pale ale that is clean fresh and boasts a crisp finish.
ABV: 5.2% | SRM: 4.8 | IBU: 33 

Zygoballus IPA

A west coast IPA with citrus and malty characteristics and moderate bitterness.
ABV: 6% | SRM: 7.1 | IBU: 63

Juicy IPA

Juicy and balanced mix of citrus hops that bring out the aromatic characteristics. A hop bomb that delivers.
ABV: 5.8 | SRM: 6.2 | IBU: 34

Sneaky Deer Double Hazy IPA

A sneakily drinkable double IPA with a fantastic tropical aroma and flavor. Notes of pineapple, guava & orange.
ABV: 8.5% | IBU: 38

Pavuchky Polish Wheat

A Polish style wheat, lightly hopped. Clean, refreshing, drinkable beer with the finest malted barley and choicest hops.
ABV: 5.2% | SRM: 3.8 | IBU: 28

Iron Cross Swiss German Wheat

A Swiss German style wheat. Brewed with a generous portion of wheat this beer has notes of banana chip and clove spice with a refreshing citrus flavor.
ABV: 5.3 | SRM: 4.3 | IBU: 13

Amber Ale

An American style ale with toasted malt and a light fruitiness. More dark malt character makes this a winner.
ABV: 5.9% | SRM: 9.2 | IBU: 40

Raspberry Blonde

Our Blonde Ale infused with Raspberry adding a lightly sweet, fruity note.
ABV: 5.9% | SRM: 5.0 | IBU: 24

Zombie Goat West Coast Style Dbl IPA

Large amounts of Amarillo, Zythos & Citra hops yields a drinkable, vibrant & extremely refreshing beer with citrus notes.
ABV: 8.0 | IBU: 60

Peeled Polish Wheat

Our Polish style wheat infused with dried Orange peel adding a light citrus note.
ABV: 4.6% | SRM: 3.8 | IBU: 27

Coconut Stout

Our widow stout infused with Laird's coconut water powder. Smooth and silky.
ABV: 6.7% | SRM: 35.0 | IBU: 40

Berliner Weiss

A slightly cloudy, lightly sour beer with refreshing style.
ABV: 3.7 | SRM: 2.7 | IBU: 6

Cherry Berliner Weiss

Our Berliner Weiss infused with Cherry. A refreshing beer with a slightly tart finish and cherry notes.
ABV: 3.7% | SRM: 4.9 | IBU: 7

Widow Stout

Our Stout combines dark roasted malt with cocoa creating a sweet, rich stout.  It's delicious on Nitro!
ABV: 5.5% | SRM: 35.3 | IBU: 39

Cherrywood Smoked Ale

A moderate level of smoky flavor and aroma that compliments the base beer. The cherrywood gives off more of a hickory profile that is oh so good.

ABV: 5.9 | SRM: 14.9 | IBU: 27


Brown malt based and hopped to perfection. This porter is very drinkable. 

ABV: 5.9 | SRM: 34.9 | IBU: 29

Session IPA

A balanced, light IPA providing a clean profile and a low ABV to enjoy a few! 

ABV: 5.0 | SRM: 5.4 | IBU: 41